Some good news for Veterans League bowlers

Veterans League

When I stood down as League Secretary and Webmaster for the Veterans League I realised that I had ownership of a lot of League history which shouldn't be lost. Over 700 photographs taken over the last 7 years of Veterans League finals, greens, bowlers and teams. In addition, I also have a collection of 43 monthly newsletters that document a lot of the history of the League over that period and beyond.

To make all those, and more, available to everyone I have decided to include them on HuddWeb which exists to represent Huddersfield bowling leagues. From tomorrow I will start to add such items to this portal under the heading of the Unofficial Website of the Veterans League.

In addition to these photos and documents, I will also be adding more history facts including listings of League and competition winners, old league tables, League Officials, Inter-District history and photos and not forgetting the Hickson Trophy. Hopefully all this will help to fill a void.

It all starts tomorrow by opening up access to 222 photographs from the League's 2019 season covering all the major team and individual competitions. It is a unique collection and part of our proud local bowling history.

The observant among you will have noted the new top menu item of 'Veterans League' has appeared. This will begin to be populated with access to all the League records over the coming weeks. I am hopeful that another new League will be appearing alongside the current three in the very near future. Any League interested in having their own free website within the HuddWeb Portal can gain more details here and follow up it with an enquiry here.

Bit of a spat being conducted on the earlier posting about Veterans League annual fees as a few frank exchanges of opinion are added between members. Catch up with them all at League fees and scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest comments.

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