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About HuddWeb


As part of the opening of the new Web Portal all Leagues in the Huddersfield area have been given their own website within the Portal completely free of charge. The site will be constructed, populated and online at no cost.

Free of charge until 1 April 2021 then 'Cheap as Chips' thereafter.


HuddWeb is a new concept in bowling websites to make the power of the internet available and affordable to all local bowling leagues. It is a central point where leagues in the Huddersfield area can promote their league and retain and attract clubs and bowlers to compete in their competitions.


Each League's website is contained within the WebPortal and each site is built, maintained, content added and updated all for you. This is to make it easy for any League to have their own website without any technical knowledge and all at an affordable price.


Leagues signing up to HuddWeb will get their own area on the main website to store all the news, history, photographs and facts about their league. Many of the local bowlers play in more than one league so this brings all those leagues together in one place. Bowlers not familiar with your league will see all your news and events when visiting the site to pick up their own league news. It is an opportunity for leagues to promote themselves to new bowlers and clubs in the area.


What messages do you want to get over to your current league clubs and those you are hoping to attract in the future? The internet is a powerful tool in spreading the word to your advantage.

The Huddersfield Winter League, Huddersfield Ladies Works League, Liberal League, Works League and Huddersfield Juniors League are all members of HuddWeb. There are now 10 bowling leagues based in Huddersfield. Think of the benefits of all ten working together to promote our sport. Sharing website visitors is just one way of taking advantage of being a member of this bowling hotbed.


By sharing one domain website address and the development costs makes the concept affordable to all leagues regardless of their size. The cost varies depending on the number of teams in your league. Once all the costs of running the website have been covered every penny beyond that will go to Kirkwood Hospice. Contact me to learn how much it will cost your league to join HuddWeb and be part of the future.


If you decide to go ahead and join the portal this is what you can expect.

  • A fully interactive website contained within HuddWeb the Huddersfield WebPortal;

  • All content is controlled by your League;

  • Weekly review of match results provided;

  • Weekly preview of fixtures coming up provided;

  • Range of pages available to include League Rules, Officials, History etc;

  • Member’s Forum;

  • Full development and technical support package


About me: My name is Jeff Jacklin I have worked in I.T. for over 40 years in commercial, national, local authority and NHS hospitals up and down the country. I am now retired. Building and maintaining websites was not my day job but it is something I have done for sports clubs, charity organisations, interest groups, family and small businesses for over 25 years. Some of them have even paid me to do that.


I built the Veteran’s League website in 2013 and that has flourished over the intervening period to average over 400 visitors per day during the bowling season and peak at over 550 visitors per day. Out-of-season visitor averages of over 200 per day is testimony to the interest that there is in our sport all year round. Over the last 5 years the website has featured new additional postings every day except Christmas week so attracting a loyal bunch of daily followers as well as the more casual visitor. During those 7 years the cost of having a website for the Veterans League was nil. I can't promise the same for all leagues in the future but I can promise a realistic and affordable option.


A breakdown in relationship with some members of the Veterans League Management Committee saw me resign on a point of principle in July. So I have some time available I didn’t have before. I turned down the offer to become the Chief Executive Officer of Yorkshire CCGBA because I am committed to Huddersfield and believe that I still have a lot to offer the Huddersfield bowling community. I am now Secretary of the new Huddersfield Winter League and I bowl for Kirkheaton Cons and Grange Moor in various local leagues.

Don't let your league get left behind in today's world, do you know where your future teams are coming from. Communications are key in promoting your league and preserving its future. Contact me now for full details and all your questions answered.

HuddWeb is supporting Kirkwood Hospice

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