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More Yorkshire AGM papers

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We have already shared the proposed rule changes to the cup competitions that are to be voted on at the Yorkshire CCGBA AGM on February 24. There are a number of other papers that have already been provided by the YCCGBA and these are shared below along with a reminder of the Agenda. We also previously shared the Annual Accounts & Balance Sheet.

The last one on the list below is causing the most discussion on some social media websites which is hardly surprising as it is a new Social Media Code of Conduct.

Yorkshire CCGBA AGM Agenda

YCCGBA AGM Agenda 2024
Download PDF • 376KB

Agenda item 15 - Changes to format of Executive & Council

Download PDF • 619KB

Proposed 2024 Subscriptions

YCCGBA AGM App 2 Fees and Bank Details 2024
Download PDF • 418KB

Agenda item 18 - Election of Officers for 2024

Download PDF • 96KB

Agenda item 19 - Honoraria & Expenses

Download PDF • 227KB

YCCGBA 2024 Calendar

YCCGBA AGM Calendar 2024 - AB version 2
Download XLSX • 22KB

Agenda item on Social Media Code of Conduct

YCCGBA AGM Social Media Code of Conduct (1)
Download DOCX • 32KB

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Feb 20

I suppose that we should be grateful that the YCGBA has finally produced the remaining reports albeit not in the timescale of its own rules. Hopefully next year will be an improvement.

However , I do wish on the reports for annual fees and honorarium they told us if the proposals were the same as last year, more or less.

As a principle , I feel that fees should be the same as last year as the YCGBA made a profit of around £2,600 and has reserves in excess of £30,000. I would expect that honorarium is also recommended to be the same, as respectfully , this organisation has not performed as efficiently as we would recent years.



I think you can sum up the entire Social Media Code of Conduct  document in one sentence –Don’t criticise the YCCGBA.

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