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All Yorkshire Cups to become mixed-gender?

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One of the rule changes proposed for the Yorkshire CCGBA AGM looks to make all four Yorkshire Cup competitions mixed-gender. This rule change will be voted on at the AGM to be held at Cleckheaton Sports on Saturday 24 February and has been proposed by Bradford CGBA seconded by Ossett Flying Horse.

The change would amend the wording of the Yorkshire Cup and Henry Taylor Cup rules to enable teams to be mixed gender but with no requirement to have a minimum number of bowlers of each gender in every team. There is no proposed amendment to the Eric Hutchinson Memorial and Derrick Radley Cups which currently stipulate that teams must contain a minimum number of two bowers of each gender.

Currently none of the four competitions are totally mixed-gender with the Yorkshire Cup and Henry Taylor Cup rule-bound to be all-male. Teams in the Eric Hutchinson and the Derrick Radley are required to have at least two members of each team to be male or female and there is no proposal to change that requirement at all. Should these motions be passed then it would signal a huge step forward for the movement seeking to make our sport gender-neutral.

A further proposed rule change from the same proposer/seconder combination looks at the structure of the four cup competitions and moves the following amendments.

'All teams who enter shall play in the Yorkshire Cup. First round losers shall then play in the Henry Taylor Cup. First round losers in the Henry Taylor Cup shall then play in the Eric Hutchinson Memorial Cup. First round losers in the Eric Hutchinson Memorial Cup shall then play in the Derrick Radley Cup.'

Here is the proposal in full.

Here is your copy to download of the current YCCGBA Bye-Laws

YCCGBA Bye Laws 2023
Download DOCX • 38KB

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