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Yorkshire Accounts & Balance Sheet

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The long-awaited financial statement from Yorkshire CCGBA has been published and a copy is below for you to download and read at your leisure prior to next week's Annual General Meeting.

YCCGBA 2023 accounts
Download PDF • 790KB

The Yorkshire CCGBA has asked that any questions on the accounts or any other agenda item be sent to them by 22 February. If you do wish to comment on them then I suggest that you contact your club representative to forward them as they see fit.

The Annual General Meeting starts at 12.30pm on Saturday 24 February at Cleckheaton Sports. Clubs and Leagues are permitted to send two representatives to the meeting but each club or league only has one vote.

More AGM papers to follow shortly.

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Feb 17

After losing around £4,000 on the various competitions, the YCGBA made a profit of £2,600 which reversed the previous loss of around £3,000. The organisation is worth over £30,000 and so the conclusion is that it is financially sound.

So, it’s time to move on and I hope that the YCGBA can become a more credible and efficient organisation for the benefit of all bowlers and Leagues than the last few years has indicated .

Philip of Lindley

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