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Liberal League signs up to HuddWeb

Liberal League

I am delighted to tell you that the Huddersfield Liberal League is the latest local bowling league to sign up to be a member of the HuddWeb Portal online family.

The pages are now under construction and we hope to go live over the Christmas holiday period. All the information and history you need to know about the League will be added and all the news as it happens as we head to the 2021 bowling season.

It would be good to add even more leagues before the start of the 2021 season and there is still a risk-free offer available to local leagues up until April 2021. Sign up now and don't pay a penny until 1 April 2021 and then only if you are happy to do so. No obligation to go any further than that. Even after 1 April 2021 the full cost of becoming a member of the HuddWeb community is as 'Cheap as Chips' from £100 p.a. includes free write-ups with weekly previews of fixtures and match results reviews, everything included, no hidden costs.

The coming together of local leagues means that costs are shared and any surplus beyond those annual costs will be going to Kirkwood Hospice. Become a Huddersfield Community League member by joining HuddWeb. Full Details

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17 ธ.ค. 2563

Good news that another League has joined the Club. Hope more join for free to April and than for around a couple of pounds per week it’s got to be a good / cheap deal.

Philip of Lindley

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