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Yorkshire CCGBA memo

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The latest memo from Yorkshire CCGBA to all districts was circulated yesterday and is reproduced in total below.

Communication from Joint CEO’s YCCGBA

Date 05/01/2021

Happy New Year to all

Target Audience All Districts, Leagues and Clubs

Following the latest Government directive regarding a National Lockdown as from today the YCCGBA advice to all clubs and bowlers is as follows :

1. While the Government direction is that you may leave home to exercise once per day either on your own or with one other person or with your household or support bubble you must not travel outside your local area to do so. Your local area is defined as the village, town or part of the city where you live.

2. Theoretically you could have a game of single bowls providing all social distancing and wearing of masks rules etc. are followed. However this is not advised.

3. Team/competition bowling is not possible under the new directions.

4. The Government directions are enforceable by law.

5.YCCGBA is not responsible for the actions of individuals but our advice to all is to not bowl under any circumstances. The health and wellbeing of yourselves and other bowlers is of utmost importance at this critical time.

Stay safe.

S.Cochrane/A.Stephenson Acting Joint YCCGBA CEOs.

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