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Try Bowling this Sunday at Greenhead Park

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The Huddersfield Bowls Development group is made up of representatives from most of the Huddersfield Bowling Leagues and they are involved in promoting the sport to reverse the downward trend of losing bowlers from the sport.

Having already arranged and conducted the training and qualification of 10 new coaches they are now moving on to promote the sport to new bowlers. That starts this coming Sunday with a 'Try Bowling' event being held on the bowling greens in Greenhead Park from 12noon to 5pm'ish. Some of the new coaches will be in attendance to support new bowlers in picking up the basics of the game.

It is open to all ages and you can just turn up on the day and try your hand at sending a bowl to chase the jack. It is proposed to have 20-minute taster sessions led by qualified bowling coaches with free refreshments for all new bowlers. All will be explained on the day and it is all free of any charge or future obligation. It might even be fun!

Some flyers have been produced that explain what the day is all about and who it is aimed at (9 to 90 year-olds) with guidance on what to expect and how to get involved. So if you know friends or family who may want to try out our sport in a welcoming manner with some assistance then direct them to the bowling greens at Greenhead Park this coming Sunday.

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Jul 27, 2022

This event is what is needed to attract new bowlers . Hope it goes well.

Philip of Lindley

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