The League that thrives on a £200 budget

Winter League

Whilst most bowling leagues in the area rely on raising thousands of pounds each year to function one local league has set itself an annual budget of £200 to cover all expenditure. The teams at the Huddersfield Winter League Annual General Meeting heard Treasurer Bob Haigh outline the options for funding the League for the 2021-22 season. All the options being designed to raise just the £200 the League believes that it needs to cover all its expenditure.

There are no cash prizes for individual or team winners, no Honoraria for League officials, no handbooks to be printed, no expenses for anything and this League continues to thrive on that minimal approach. The costs to be covered each year include insurance, BCGBA membership, Bowlsnet service charge, engraving costs of perpetual trophies and annual momentoes for successful teams and individuals. That's it.

Despite this minimalistic approach the League continues to thrive with already 11 new teams signed up for the new season. It is clear that people do not bowl for the financial incentives a successful team can bring to their club or them personally. There is room for more teams to sign up before the deadline for new team applications which is 1st September.

It was agreed by the clubs that the £200 should be raised for the coming season by introducing a £15 fee per team to play in the League in 2021-22. If there is a business or individual that would like to hear how they can sponsor the League for the coming season then we would be delighted to hear from them and a proposal that would take this charge away from the clubs would be well received. It is clear that we are not talking huge sums in any sensible sponsorship arrangement so please get in touch if you would be interested in discussing this further. Contact Us now

The League bowls weekly from October to the end of January in four-person teams of mixed gender (if you want). Each Division plays on the same green each week. A weekly charge of £10 per 4-person team goes to the host club and covers green fees, hot drinks and biscuits as well as a raffle ticket per bowler. All bowlers must be aged over 60 and matches are played in a 2 Singles 1 Pairs format. More details

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