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The Hindsight Poll - 1. The Bowlers

Bowling News

We ran this 18-Question Poll, which closed on Friday, to put you in the unique position of being able to make decisions with the gift of hindsight. We repainted decisions that bowlers, clubs and leagues had to make at the beginning of the season and challenged you to decide if they were the best decisions made at that time. We received 36 entries with most of you answering all 18 questions.

We are now reporting back on the findings in three reports - one each about The Bowlers, The Clubs and The Leagues. Today is Feedback No.1 on The Bowlers where we asked you 8 questions.

  • Only one of the 35 responses to this question put their age as below 60.

  • 89% of the 36 responses said that they had received two vaccinations with the other 11% stating that they had also received the third booster vaccine.

  • All 36 responders indicated that they restarted bowling as soon as their clubs reopened or as soon as league bowling recommenced.

  • 78% of the responders were comfortable, with hindsight, with their decisions whilst 22% thought that they had restarted too soon but all were in agreement that it should have been no later than when the leagues restarted their fixture programmes.

  • All 36 responses to the question about handshaking were the same; all the responders indicated that they were comfortable shaking hands with their opponents at the start and end of matches.

  • 12 of the 36 responses said that all their opponents were also happy to shake hands with them whilst the other 24 stated that this was the case most of the time with only occasional reluctance to do so.

  • We invited comments on any aspect of the return to bowling and received the following comments

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, was good to get back to some normality.

  3. Happy

  4. Yes

  5. Yes

  6. Happy

  7. Happy

  8. happy

  9. Yes

  10. Yes everything seemed to have been ok

  11. Yes very happy

  12. About right for me

  13. 100% happy

  14. Happy

  15. very happy.

  16. if possible have more leagues having full fixtures

  17. Happy , cos I and others followed all the advice

  18. Very happy

  19. very happy

  20. Yes

  21. Yes, would not have done anything differently.

  22. Very happy that l started at the start of the season.

  23. happy

  24. Should have been more serious about practicing

  25. Happy

  26. Very happy

  27. Yes

  28. yes

  29. I personally think that all leagues should have started as normal, players should have had both Jabs

Tomorrow: 2. The Clubs Report 2 on how you feel, with hindsight, The Clubs responded to returning to normality.

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