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Poll result: Voters say YES

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Veterans League News

The latest poll has now closed with votes in favour of the change very close to the two-thirds target that will be required when this proposal is placed before the Veterans League Half-Year Meeting later this month.

The chart below provides all the detail with 66% of the votes cast supporting the proposed change. This is a more complex issue than the subject of the previous poll reducing the number of votes cast but those that had thought it through have in the main put their support into pushing this change forward.

The latest poll of bowlers as regards a proposed change in the Veterans League rules is moving towards supporting the proposal to introduce a less rigorous check on the eligibility of bowlers of Section 1 and 2 10-man teams to qualify for their B or 6-man teams.

This proposed rule change tackles the perpetual problem around Starred Bowlers which was changed for the start of the current season. Starred Bowlers were dropped altogether and replaced instead by a rule change not openly voted on due to the pandemic halting the holding of a General Meeting. This change said that any Section 1 or 2 bowler in the 10-Man League became ineligible to play for any other team after playing 14 matches in the top two Sections. That has presented problems for some B teams and also teams in the 6-Man League so an alternative proposal has been put forward by Marsh United.

This proposed change now makes bowlers ineligible after winning 14 matches in the current season. This is expected to reduce the number of ineligible bowlers quite significantly.

All votes and comments were entirely anonymous and 14 comments were received which are all listed below.

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