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The Hindsight Poll initial findings

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There have been 32 entries so far to our Hindsight Poll since we opened it up on Monday and there are some early trends that are of interest. We asked 18 questions for voters to review decisions taken by them, their clubs and the leagues they bowl in to see, with hindsight, if they were the best decisions that could have been made at that time.

The area that attracted the most comments was the starting dates for various leagues and how they did, or did not, support the BCGBA and Government stance of encouraging people to return to normality as soon as it was safe to do so. There was a big difference in how local leagues were perceived to have acted in supporting that objective. A 100% of Mirfield League bowlers who voted thought that the correct decision had been taken in restarting the competition in April and retaining promotion and relegation. Then there were 21 out of 26 Veterans League bowlers who thought the same about that League. The three ladies leagues and the Huddersfield Saturday League didn't fair at all well in this area. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we will reveal more of the findings after the poll closes on Friday evening.

There is still time to submit your entry and log your opinion on how the season went for you and how different it could have been if different decisions had been taken at the outset. This 18-Question Poll is totally anonymous and open to everyone and looks back at some of the 'start of season decisions' that bowlers, clubs and Leagues made, to see, with hindsight, if they were good decisions or not. Plenty of opportunities to add your own comments to the poll as well which closes at 5pm on Friday.

It has been a one-off season with delayed starts, the disruption of lockdown rules and general concerns of bowlers about their own, and their families, well-being and how a bowler going bowling could affect everything at home. The Government and the BCGBA were keen to encourage leagues to provide as many playing opportunities as possible to get bowlers back on the green and encourage people to return to some order of normality as quickly as it was safe to do so. Did your league support that objective? Did you feel safe bowling this year? Would you do anything differently with hindsight?

Let's applaud the good decisions and learn from those bad decisions so that we can all improve from hindsight. Hopefully, we will never be in a similar situation ever again but you may care to think about what you would have done differently with that wonderful gift of hindsight.

The poll is divided into three categories reviewing the actions and decisions of Individuals, Clubs and Leagues. Take your time and answer each question honestly. We will be sharing the results in due course. Thank you for contributing to the poll.

If the form below does not work for you for any reason then please use this link to the same form.

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