Proud to be The Paperless & Cash-Poor League

Winter League

We are different from any other local League in so many different ways. We bowl during the winter months, we are a mixed-gender League, we are for the over-60s and we only bowl on two greens all season. No other league can claim to have more than one of these elements associated with them. These are obvious and well-documented differences but we go much further than this.

We are proud to be different, and innovative, in the way we fund our league and promote paper-free administration. No handbook, no transfer forms, no bowler registration forms, no result postcards, no paper records of meetings. Everything you need to know about our League is online.

In addition, we are the League that is proud to have no money.

We are not taking money from our teams to haemorrhage it in a bank or savings account.

We do not charge annual entry fees for teams to play in our League.

We do not charge entry fees for teams or individuals to join in our KO competitions

We do not give cash prizes for team or individual success.

We do not pay cash honorariums to League Officials.

The match fees go directly to the host club and pay for the green fees, hot drinks and biscuits and a raffle ticket per bowler.

We are definitely the poor relations of the local leagues.

Any money we do have is spent on memorabilia for teams and bowlers in recognition of playing achievements.

We need a minimum of £200 to function each year.

This pays for our affiliation to the Yorkshire CCGBA and BCGBA.

We also pay an annual insurance premium to provide personal indemnity cover.

An annual fee to use Bowlsnet and we pay for individual trophies to present to bowlers in our successful team and individual competitions.

Cheap and Cheerful. What more do we need?

We still need to raise that £200 each year somehow. In year one we were fortunate to receive financial support from Tony Lockwood, Mike Ralph and David Union which covered all these basics outgoings. In addition we received tremendous support from local bowlers when they donated a total of £520 to our Founders Fund. This sum is allocated to paying for three new trophies that we still hope to award to successful teams and individuals this first winter season.

Looking ahead to the 2021 season we need to think about how we can raise sufficient money to ensure that we don't have to charge teams to enter our league. Can anyone think of how we might do that or maybe there is a benefactor out there who would like to support our League?

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