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Name the The Green No.12

Bowling News

Number 11 was too much like a walk in the park to trouble all you punters out there. Just 2 incorrect answers from the 33 received with 31 of you correctly answering that Name the Green No.11 was Kirkheaton Cricket & Bowling Club.

Right, no more Mr Nice Guy, time to sort 'wheat from chaff' and see who is really up for the ultimate challenge. Five more Name the Green sites to identify this holiday period with the final one on New Year's Eve. Three of those five challenges will be very difficult and will be worth double-points starting today.

Green No.11 was Kirkheaton C&BC

The Leaderboard currently looks like this but with double-points

questions coming up and starting today anything can happen.

11 Jeff Smith 9 Andrew Carter, David Catherine, Mike Pointon, Mike Thornton, Tim Poulter

8 Peter Swinden, David Sykes, Jeff Mellor,

7 Margaret Whitwam, Malcolm Gilbert, Alan Brown, Bob Haigh, T H Umpeg

6 Woody

5 Dave Turner

4 Alan Fawcett, John Pix, John Hodgson,

3 Norma Maxwell, Karen Rause, Mike Ralph, Graham Hall, Ray Tunnacliffe

Time to turn to Name the Green No.12 which is below.

Remember a correct answer wins you two points today.

The competition runs on alternate days right through December. You can submit your best guess if you like and then you are into the unofficial count for which there is absolutely no prize whatsoever other than the smug satisfaction of getting more right than anyone else. Alternatively just play along for your own amusement.

Name The Green No. 12 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

You are only allowed one entry so the first one submitted will be the only one counted.

The answer to No.12 and Name The Green No.13 will be online on Christmas Day.

Name The Green No.12

Double Points Today

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