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Name The Green No.5

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Bowling News

Did you guess that Name The Green No.4 was Bradley & Colne? Well done and you were not alone with 26 correct entries and only two wrong answers received on this one. The wrong selections being Elland WMC and Marsh Lib. Among those correct answers were the three members of the 100% Club with David Sykes, Jeff Smith and Peter Swinden maintaining their great start to this competition. No.4 Bradley & Colne

Two more entrants, Andrew Carter and Alan Brown, have three correct answers and then a group of nine with two right guesses from the first four rounds. So plenty of incentive for everyone to get involved with plenty of greens to name this month. Time to move on to No.5 and a generously large portion of this green is on view but can you recognise it?

The competition runs on alternate days right through December. You can submit your best guess if you like and then you are into the unofficial count for which there is absolutely no prize whatsoever other than the smug satisfaction of getting more right than anyone else. Alternatively just play along for your own amusement.

So Name The Green No. 5 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

The answer to No.5 and Name The Green No.6 will be online on Friday.

Name The Green No.5 Competition Closed

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