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MUGS Trophy reprieve

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The Huddersfield District Association have stated that they are not running their usual programme of individual competitions this season due to the lack of a Competition Secretary. That didn't sit well with Lockwood Con who donated the Jack Burgin Trophy in memory of a popular former club bowler so they have taken over the running of this competition this year.

The Jack Burgin Trophy - or the MUGS Trophy as it is affectionately known - is open to bowlers who have never won an open competition. There is a £5 entry fee and £400 in prize money up for grabs with £200 of that going to the eventual winner, £100 to the runner-up and £50 to the two losing semi-finalists.

This is one competition where the previous year's winner doesn't get the opportunity to defend the title so the 2022 winner Crosland Moor bowler, Richard Chomiak (pictured), has to take a watching role this time around.

The closing date for entries is Friday 28 July. The draw will be made the following day - Saturday 29 July.

Preliminary Round dates are Friday 4th & 11th August 6.30pm start at Lockwood Con. Finals Day is Sunday 20 August 2.00pm start at Lockwood Con

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