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Ineligible winners played in Pairs KO

Veterans League

An ineligible pair played in the Preliminary Round of the Veterans League Open Pairs KO last Thursday and won their match to progress to Round 1 to be played this Thursday.

Malcolm Gilbert and Neale Wallace beat R. Sutton and R.Gartside from Slaithwaite 21-19 in the Preliminary Round. Malcolm plays for Clayton West and Neale plays for Denby Dale in the 10-Man League but they cannot partner each other due to KO General Rule 7d) which says: 7d) Pairs, both players must be from the same club.

Neale had registered with Clayton West in the 6-Man League this season but hasn't played a single match for them which means he is not eligible to play in the Pairs KO because of League Rule Knock-Out General 10 which says 10. To enter the individual or pairs competitions all entrants must have played three league games. Other people wishing to enter can do so at the discretion of the Management Committee.

The League is aware of this contravention of the League Rules.

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