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As part of the new Unofficial Website of the Veterans League we are pleased to continue loading up all 43 monthly newsletter created and circulated between January 2017 and July 2020. The issues covering the first 6 months have already been added to the site and we are now pleased to add issues 7-12 covering the period July to December 2017. A short introduction to each of those six issues is below.

7. July 2017: News that Canalside was to lose their back green with Town expanding facilities to match the requirements of a Premier League club; all the Spring Bank Holiday 6-Man League fixtures were postponed with Town at Wembly on that date in the Championship Play-Off Final; President Alan Sharpe was the focus of a feature that was the fore-runner to the 'My Bowling Life' series. (4 pages)

8. August 2017: The passing of former President and Inter-District team captain, Bernard Jones, was reported; ideas about what should be part of the HDVBA's 50th Anniversary celebrations were started and our representative team lost in the Final of the Hickson Trophy. (4 pages)

9. September 2017: The finals of our individual and team competitions had started with reports and photographs appearing; news of a team being excluded from the Sub-Team KO Semi-Final for playing ineligible bowlers; a new 24-hour record number of visitors to the HDVBA website. (5 Pages)

10. October: Lockwood Con win both the 6-Man and 10-Man League titles; a team-by-team review of the season for both Leagues; David Singleton wins the Fantasy League competition and the build-up to the Half-Year Meeting begins. (10 pages)

11. November 2017: The Half-Year Meeting voted to retain the 62-years old age qualification; plans for the 50th Anniversary celebrations were discussed and Frankie Sykes gets a special award. (4 pages)

12. December 2017: Bill Blackburn is featured in the My Bowling Life slot; 52 redundant local greens are listed; some early bowler transfers for the coming season were listed. (8 pages)

Copies of all the first 12 issues are now available on our Veterans League Newsletter page with more to be added over the coming weeks.

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