From January 2017 until July 2020 monthly newsletters were produced and circulated by email to a mailing list that eventually grew to over 350 subscribers. Each issue was sponsored by individuals or businesses contributing over £250 a year towards League funds.

The Number 1 issue was of 4 pages and published in January 2017. By July 2020 there were more than 350 names on the monthly mailing list and it had raised more than £700 for the League in sponsorship donations.

The newsletter grew in size and reached 14 published pages in peak months carrying stories or League achievements, forecasts, talking points, records, transfers, reviews and previews. In addition there was the popular 'My Bowling Life' series where the bowling and personal stories of various local bowling personalities were recorded.

All 43 copies are now available through the listings below. Click on the one you wish to read and download to read at your leisure and to keep forever.