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Final 2 Qualifiers in Lindley BC £2,600 KO

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The final Qualifying Round of the Lindley BC £2,600 KO was played on Friday evening with Wayne Moseley (Crosland Moor) and Neil Slattery (Almondbury Lib) taking the final two places for next Friday's Finals Night. The full draw for Finals Night is below but first here are the results of the final Qualifying Round.

Round 1 F Hickey 15-21 M Regan

A N Jones 15-21 P Kissock

C Newton 20-21 G Metcalf

W Moseley 21-16 M Higgins

M Stewart 20-21 M Booth

A Sykes 21-14 G Merry

G Hickey 17-21 N Slattery

A D Jones 15-21 P Ingleby

Round 2 M Regan 16-21 P Kissock

G Metcalf 11-21 W Moseley

M Booth 21-9 A Sykes

N Slattery 21-16 P Ingleby

Round 3 P Kissock 19-21 W Moseley

M Booth 6-21 N Slattery


W Moseley and N Slattery

FINALS NIGHT Friday 29 July - 7pm start - Practice 6.30pm

Neil Slattery v Tom Boyd Jnr

Jack Dyson v Craig Gant

Ben Gloag v Bob Hitchen

Wayne Moseley v Callum Wraight

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