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End of Year BCGBA Report

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An end of year report has been written and released by the BCGBA Chief Executive Marc Bircumshaw and is covered on the Bowls Observer website (thanks to Martin Holt for pointing me in that direction). The statement on the website says that the full report is now available from the County Secretary so I have requested one and if I get a copy I will share it with all our readers.

The report is produced under the following headings:

  • What is the BCGBA?

  • What's being done to move forward?

  • The Year of COVID

A lot of the report talks about the financing of the BCGBA in the future and under the middle heading there is reference to a new BCGBA Membership scheme open to all bowlers at a cost of £7 per year.

Interestingly there is no mention of the report on the BCGBA website.

I will not reproduce everything in the article here but it does go on to say ...

Throughout the year the BCGBA management committee had been contacted by a number of counties and leagues’ highlighting the effect this year was having on the bowling community.

It is not likely that the BCGBA will be able to hold a meeting to fully debate this year until well into 2021. The normal pathway for decision making and communication is through the county associations. In a normal year each county, league or clubs will meet regularly but this year has seen restrictions on every day so meetings or gatherings have been prevented. The BCGBA meetings for this year have been held over Zoom and have been subject to the restrictions that come with holding meetings in this way.

A wider look at the problems the sport is facing as a result of this pandemic and also a look at the financial side of the BCGBA will be done in future specific articles. So please forgive me if I only briefly touch on that side of things in this humble offering.

The article goes on to ask and then answer the question ....

What does the British Crown Green Bowling Association do?

  • Operates as the Governing Body of Crown Green Bowls (recognised by Sport England and the Department for Culture Media and Sport)

  • Manages and maintains the governance of the sport to comply with legislation

  • Ensures we have the systems and procedures to comply with legislation

  • Undertakes the above to maintain a safe sport for all

  • Works with outside organisations and groups for safeguarding, coaching and development

  • Manages and maintains the structure of the sport, including Counties, League, club records and membership of players

  • Maintains a National database of players

  • Maintains the Laws of the Game and Bye laws of the organisation

  • Organises the National level competitions, for County Championships, Senior, Junior, Ladies and Veteran players, merits and pairs competitions, Champions competitions.

  • Produces annual handbooks and supporting information

  • Maintains the records of the Association

  • Working with outside bodies to support the Associations members – including offering discounted Public Liability Insurance, also available is discounted accident cover options for players and Officers and Directors Liability is available to cover club and league committees. This is a membership benefit starting between £45 and £50 and is obviously dependent on what you want included. Commercially this could cost £200 per club.

  • Promotes the game with the assistance of Volunteer County development officers, Coaches, referees, and other volunteer members.

  • Manages and maintains the discipline code and appeals processes

  • Supports the development of referees

  • Grants for Clubs (see handbook for details)

  • Green maintenance seminars through Dennis Mowers Ltd.

  • Equipment – Standards Jacks committee – working with the bowls manufacturers

  • Disability – supporting players with a disability or long-term health condition to play bowls

  • Player development- projects to help clubs increase membership, working with County Development Officers and sports partnerships to deliver a National Development Plan. Additional support in identifying funding opportunities

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Dec 10, 2020

I welcome organisations producing end of season reports as it gives the organisation an opportunity to review what has been achieved and also what has not been achieved for whatever reasons . It makes them more accountable and can also influence its planned work in future years.

For the recipients of the report lower down the pyramid it helps them understand and appreciate what is being done for them.

Whilst the BCGBA report makes clear what it does , it may be a bit more helpful if it gave a few of the major things it has done under some of the 20 statements although obviously this year has been a non event because of COVID .

Philip of Lindley

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