Decision Day for Veterans League

Veterans League

The Veterans League Management Committee will meet (by phone) next Monday (18th) with a number of decisions pending about the future running of the League.

They will prepare for a full season of league fixtures and KO competitions starting the first week in April. First of all they have to determine the structure of the Sections for the coming season. With no further news of teams withdrawing and new teams joining the League, it is believed that three teams have dropped out altogether - Lockwood Cons and Marsden Park from the 6-man and Meltham C from the 10-Man League. One new team, Holmfirth B, has applied to join the 6-Man League. However, this is only my unofficial understanding of the present situation with no official numbers being released.

It will be of interest to a number of teams to see how they restructure the sections to keep a balance in the 10-Man League or if they decide to sleepwalk into a lop-sided setup.

The second big decision they have to make is about the Annual General Meeting. How they get actions approved and enable clubs to contribute to decisions is not easy in the present circumstances. They seem to have made one decision already in enabling them to get all their league bye-law amendments approved. Anyone not returning their voting slip will assume to be voting for the Management Committee's proposals. An unusual arrangement to say the least.

Clubs will also be looking for clarification on how the new Starred Bowlers system will work that is proposed to replace the current rules. Since this confusion was flagged up last month no explanation has been forthcoming but it will inevitably be introduced with a secret vote now in place.

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