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Has anyone asked the bowlers when they think it will be safe enough for them to return to competitive bowling? Or is there a mistaken assumption that they will all be ready as soon as the clubs and leagues are ready? That is something we are going to challenge this week with a new online anonymous survey open to all.

When do you think you will be prepared to bowl again? This is a new survey we intend holding next week and then again after the Return to Normality Road Map has been published on 22 February and then again in April. Running the same survey in three consecutive months will give some indication of if, and how much, bowler's perception of how safe it is to resume bowling for them. Let's hear the bowlers view and see if it changes over the next few weeks.

Still no bowling insight so we continue to run around trying to find something of interest to post on the website every day. You can help on that front by providing photographs of your club as it is now and teams from the past as well. Tell us a story about your club, some time in history when major things happened in your club so that we can share them with the local bowling community. Tell Us

As well as that we expect to be posting other news every day of the week which will also include ....

  • Still more 'Name the Foreign Green' competitions featuring greens just outside the town boundaries

  • What next for the Winter League?

  • When will you be ready to bowl again? Online survey

  • All Our Yesterdays - our feature postings look back at more times in the recent and further back past

  • Crossword solution tomorrow

  • What options do local leagues have about playing league fixtures in 2021?

  • Record number of visitors to the website in January - all the stats.

  • ... and probably lots more news we are still to learn about some of which might even come from you. Tell us your club news.

The Top Five most viewed posts over the last week were:

The homepage photograph has changed today from the Veterans League 2019 Rose Bowl Finals Day at Almondbury BC to be replaced with 5 rotating photographs of the Veterans League Lower Divisions Trophy Final held at Outlane in 2019. A great competition on a wonderful sunny day on an excellent green with a generous host club. Perfect, even if all the finalists didn't conform with the dress code!

How about sending me a scene of your club's bowling green or clubhouse and surrounds for inclusion on the website or even the homepage? If you are viewing this site on a mobile phone or tablet you may not be able to see the homepage background photo.

If you like a posting on our homepage then a click on the red heart in the bottom right of that posting will push up the numbers. It is anonymous so don't worry that someone will deduct what you don't tick but it does help to get some positive feedback sometimes and helps us to provide more similar postings in the future.

We now have 114 Website Members and the numbers continue to increase. Being a Member allows you to add your comments to any of the homepage posts and you also get an optional email notification every time a new post is added to the homepage. Become a Member by providing your name and email address, that's all there is to it.

We will be pleased to add your club green photo to our collection and share with other members and maybe even put it on the Homepage. Old team photos are always of interest to our readers as well as photos of greens in days-gone-by. Then if you want to add the story of your year in 2020 then please feel free to do so. So please send us any information about your club, changes in buildings, people or teams and send us any updates and photos that you are happy to share.

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