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Primrose Hill Lib withdraw team from League

Veterans League

Primrose Hill Liberal Club have withdrawn their 'B' team from the Veterans 10-Man League.

This has resulted in all the league fixtures being reorganised and re-issued on Bowlsnet this morning after the service has been offline for the last two days. This is a completely different set of fixtures for all five sections as to the set published last week. So anyone who has previously produced their own team fixture programmes based on the first release of Bowlsnet fixtures for all the 10-Man sections can scrap those and start again.

It later transpires that the HVBA, as they now wish to be known, have not decided which format the 10-Man Sections will be in for the 2021 season. It appears that they will meet on 8 February to determine the format. Until then it is expected that the Bowlsnet pages will remain offline.

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