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I am grateful to Maurice Nicholson for answering my call for a cruciverbalist to concoct a crossword about bowling to test your talents a little further. A cryptic crossword with a combination of bowling terms, Huddersfield and general knowledge answers to tease out of the clues offered. I think this is quite difficult so I will give you a week to make some progress before revealing the answers.

You can download this grid in Excel format via the attached file if you wish to add your answers to that or alternatively you can print the PDF copy below and complete in pen. Either way you can copy your answers to me if you want to check the answers or otherwise just wait until next week for the solution to see how you did. Thanks again to 'Maurice the Cruciverbalist' although he assures me that he has never put a crossword together before. Solution next week. Enjoy.

CrosswordByMauriceNicholson Jan2021
Download XLSX • 11KB
Download • 61KB

Anyone else fancy putting a crossword together to test out our readers? It has to be bowling and/or Huddersfield based to qualify for inclusion. Send us your puzzle

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