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Club News - new HuddWeb feature for 2021

Club News

Ever supporting of change and bringing new services to support crown green bowling in Huddersfield, we now introduce a new feature to the website. Starting now the pages of the site are open to all clubs in the area regardless of what Leagues they bowl in to promote their club to our hundreds of daily visitors.

This is an opportunity for any club to share its news and successes with the local bowling community. Maybe you are having a recruitment campaign or holding an open competition or appealing for help to do anything. You can now use HuddWeb to advertise that information completely free of charge.

The opportunities are endless and hopefully will help to promote the image of your club across town. Let's take a few examples of what you might like to share with other bowlers and clubs:

  • recruiting bowlers for a league team

  • recruiting new club members

  • details of an internal club competition

  • details of an open competition seeking entries

  • advertise a social event open to all

  • ask for help in doing something new

  • promote a charity campaign your club is starting

  • seek ideas for internal competitions

  • promote developments within your club

  • advertise your AGM

  • tell us about changes in your club officials

  • congratulate a member on a particular achievement

  • congratulate one of your teams on a success

  • share team or individual bowler photos

  • provide photographs of new club facilities

  • thank your club members for undertaking certain club actions

  • thank members for joining in a club scheme or supporting some charity event

There are lots of other ideas as well in fact anything you are doing in your club that is worth a mention builds up a picture to other bowlers on how active and progressive your club is and may change the impression of your club's standing among the bowling community. Sometimes you may just want to say thank you or show off what members have achieved well HuddWeb can do that for you. As Del Boy would say 'the world is your oyster'.

Being a proactive service we will also be searching your club websites and facebook pages to duplicate your club news on HuddWeb but make sure that we don't miss out by telling us first all about things happening in your club in your own words.

Coming Soon: 'Results Round-Up' - another new feature on HuddWeb for the start of the bowling season

The form below is for your use to inform us of anything happening in your club that you would like to share with all the website visitors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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