Bizarre Bowling by Bill & Bob - 4

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Thanks to Jim Baxter for another Bill & Bob tale. If you know a story that you think bowlers might enjoy then send it to us.

It’s matchday at Milnsbridge in mid-summer, the day is sunny and warm. Bill is bowling for the home team and his friend Bob is marking for him.

Bills opponent has introduced himself including wishing Bill a good game and shaking hands. (at a time when we could)

After two or three ends Bill has forgotten the name of his opponent. So he asked Bob if he knows and Bob says he will find out. Bob talks to some opposition bowlers and lets Bill know he is playing someone universally known as “baldy”

Are you sure asked Bill as the person he is playing is indeed bald as a coot as well as 6ft tall. Yes says Bob they say everyone calls him “ baldy”.

After a few more ends the inevitable happens when Bill shouts to his astonished opponent “who’s on BALDY?' The reply can not be printed on this site.

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