BCGBA Statement of Works

I believe that the BCGBA Chief Executive Officer has written a report which I think is called Statement of Works as that is what was reported on the Bowls Observer website on 9 December 2020. That was where it was first released (or leaked) and that article included a large extract from this report and indicated that copies were available then from individual county organisations.

Since then I have written to or telephoned Yorkshire CCGBA and the BCGBA on six separate occasions trying to obtain a copy for publishing on the website. Yesterday on the 2-month anniversary of an extract being published on Bowls Observer I managed to get a copy. Your copy is below ready for you to download.

I have to say I found it a very strange document. It doesn't have a title and there is no author credited with writing it. The file is called 'What BCGBA does for you.' I am not sure what it is intended to cover but its primary purpose appears to be about justifying the existence of the BCGBA and pleading poverty.

It talks of funding problems and indicates that the current level of financial support is insufficient to meet the demands of the future. In particular it says ....

'We work on small margins and over the years we have worked without a significant internal reserve. This will need to change and how we fund the organisation for the future will become a major priority.'

It concentrates on looking backwards and reporting things which are obvious to all. There is nothing about the future and how the BCGBA intends galvanising our sport in the face of the big challenges facing it. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions although I will be returning to this document with my own comments in the near future. The Comments section at the foot of this posting is there specifically for you to make any points about the document that you care to share.

As I said a very strange document which extends to 4 pages which are all included in the file below for you to download and read.

What BCGBA does for you Nov 20a
Download PDF • 104KB

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