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Another proposed rule change - another Poll

Veterans League

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote on the poll about the proposed rule change to make the 10-Man Veterans League an 8-Man League. The results have been well covered already on this site and now we turn our attention to another proposed rule change which will also be voted on at the Half-Year Meeting.

This one tackles the perpetual problem around Starred Bowlers which was changed for the start of the current season. Starred Bowlers were dropped altogether and replaced instead by a rule change not openly voted on due to the pandemic halting the holding of a General Meeting. This change said that any Section 1 or 2 bowler in the 10-Man League became ineligible to play for any other team after playing 14 matches in the top two Sections. That has presented problems for some B teams and also teams in the 6-Man League so an alternative proposal has been put forward by Marsh United.

This proposed change now makes bowlers ineligible after winning 14 matches in the current season. This is expected to reduce the number of ineligible bowlers quite significantly.

Using Bowlsnet to test the impact this change would have I made a quick count up of bowlers that have reached that total this season and that shows that in Section 1 there were 30 bowlers (14 Singles, 16 Pairs) that had reached the 14 wins mark and in Section 2 there were 32 bowlers (17 Singles and 15 Pairs).

The current rule introduced this year resulted in a total of 117 Section 2 bowlers who passed the 14 matches played in rule and a further 111 Section 1 bowlers. That makes a total of 228 ineligible bowlers this year compared with the total of 62 that would have been ineligible if the proposed change had been in force this year. Obviously it is quite late in the season before any of them reached that number so making many of them available for a longer period as well.

So in the spirit of keeping all bowlers informed and looking for opinions and votes we open up another poll to test out this proposal before it goes before the Half-Year Meeting on 12 October. The Poll entry form is above and on the home page and once again you are also invited to add any comments on this proposal by using the form below. This proposal will be voted on at the Half-Year Meeting so now is your opportunity to influence your voting club representatives by adding some well-thought-through comments on this proposed change.

All votes and comments are entirely anonymous and you can only vote once in the poll. The opportunity to vote and comment will close at 5pm on Thursday.

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