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Poll closed - all the votes and views

Veterans League

After 5 days and from the 81 votes recorded a massive 91% have voted against any change in team numbers for the 2022 season. This proposed rule change has to receive 67% support at the Half-Year Meeting next month to be introduced and if the poll is any guide then it has no chance of being successful.

This is all about a proposed change to the Veterans League Rules that will be voted on at the Half-Year Meeting on 12 October. This proposal is to reduce the number of bowlers in all the 10-man teams to 8 for the start of the 2022 season.

Another poll about the other rule change to be voted on at the Half-Year Meeting will be online next week.

We also invited bowlers to add their comments about the proposal and 39 of you did and these are all listed below.

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