Another BCGBA leak?

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Yesterday I told you about an announcement expected next week by the BCGBA on a reduction in annual fees for 2021. That announcement remains outstanding but regardless of that it is being widely reported on the internet that a fee reduction of £15 has been agreed.

It is reported that those clubs and leagues that have already paid their 2020 full fee of £35 will be given a £15 reduction on the 2021 membership fee. Those that haven't paid their 2020 fee yet will not be awarded any reduction and will have to pay the full £35.

No idea if that is correct or not but it appears on a private member's Facebook account for crown green bowlers. If that is correct then that is the second leak from the BCGBA reported here in the last 24 hours. Yesterday I told you of the leaked Statement of Works from the Chief Executive Officer of the BCGBA which appeared on the Bowls Observer website. That was published on 9 December but still hasn't been released by the BCGBA although has been promised for next week. It seems that the BCGBA has more leaks than a Welsh allotment!

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