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BCGBA 2021 fees news

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I understand that the BCGBA is about to announce a reduction in annual fees for clubs and leagues for 2021.

The details will be announced next week and will include a statement on the 2020 financial position.

I am still chasing and awaiting the full copy of the BCGBA Statement of works as released to Bowls Observer on 9 December 2020. That article as well as providing extracts from the Chief Executive's report also indicated that copies were available from County secretaries. They still aren't although I believe that they may become available later this month. It appears that the original report may have been leaked to Bowls Observer before it had been fully adopted by the BCGBA.

Last week I wrote to Marc Burkinshaw the BCGBA CEO asking why the report had been released to Bowls Observer but not to member organisations and not released on the websites of the BCGBA or YCCGBA. I still await a response from him.

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06 gen 2021


in your recent BCGBA Fees News blog , reference is made to the Bowls Obsever which provides info from the BCGBA. Clearly by clicking onto ‘Bowls Observer‘ we can all read it. Some will and some won’t.

Perhaps, when the issue/ info provided is deemed to be important would it be possible to post the info as a separate blog which would then reach a wider audience ? This may sound as I’m asking you to “spoon feed” us but I feel any info regarding the BCGBA , and also the YCGBA, can only help us in understanding what they do and may even prompt some of us to make constructive comments from a position of some knowledge from …

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