All Our Yesterdays - Almondbury Liberal Club


Almondbury Liberal Club is an extant political club which was in existence by December 1874 and was reportedly formed in 1868.

During the levelling of land at the rear of the club in September 1893 to make a bowling green, William Fleming (aged 18) was accidentally buried under around a ton and half of soil. Doctor Draper of Almondbury attended the injured man and ordered his removal to the Huddersfield Infirmary. It is unclear what was the outcome of this accident.

The Almondbury Liberal Club Company Limited was formed in June 1896 with a capital of £2,000 in £1 shares. The initial directors were named as:

· Robert Shaw of Town End

· John Lee of Park Drive

· Arthur Sykes of Town End

· Joe Jackson of The Common

· Joshua Haigh of Quarry Hill

· George Dawson of Northgate

· John Stansfield of Northgate

· Ernest Dyson of Town End

A new club building on Thorpe Lane was opened on Saturday 30 November 1912 by Arthur Sherwell, the Liberal Member of Parliament for Huddersfield (1906-1918). The reported cost was £1,500.

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