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6 New teams for Winter League and room for more

Winter League

Preparation for the Winter League 2022-23 season has started with an invitation to prospective new teams. A number of teams have already approached the League about joining for the coming season and 6 new teams have already confirmed their applications for the 2022-23 season. Assuming all 27 teams that played last season re-register for the new season then we are already up to 33 teams committed to playing through the winter months.

That invitation is now extended to encourage any team interested in playing through the winter months to register that interest now. Last season we had 27 4-person teams which was a big increase on the 14 teams that figured in the first season. So much interest has been aroused that we are now planning to run a League with around 40 teams playing every week from October to mid-February.

We have capacity to go even higher so this is an invitation to any teams interested in getting involved to get in touch now. You don't need to make your club green available for play as all matches will be played on our 5 host greens throughout the season.

A good starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the Winter league and how it works is encouraged to read the posting entitled 'The Ultimate Guide to Winter Bowling'.

Any questions, information or details required should be directed to the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin, and his contact details are below.

The League is open to new team applications up until 4 July when registration will close and arrangements for the coming season can then begin. Applications should be made to the League Secretary by email at or by using the Contact Us facility on this website.

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