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Yorkshire CCGBA cancel all team KO's

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Official communications from Yorkshire CCGBA CEO

Communication from CEO and Fixture Sec YCCGBA

Date 6th June 21

Audience : All - Very Important

YCCGBA Cup Competitions

Regretfully we have cancelled all YCCGBA team competitions for 2021 (Yorkshire Cup Hutchinson Cup etc)

There are several reasons for this :

Teams not wishing to travel into Kirklees area to play at greens in the area

Reluctance to play against clubs travelling from the area.

Clubs not adhering to current guidance for Track and Trace (QR Codes and collecting contact information) * see below

‘Covid Police’ visiting venues and issuing guidance for non compliance which may result in clubs leagues being closed down.

On balance it was felt it was not in the majorities interest to continue and therefore all entries will be carried over to 2022.

Yorkshire Merit

We are now aiming to run this over the August Bank Holiday weekend when it is hoped local restrictions are lifted.

We will open up entries again and the draw will be redone with qualifiers on either the Friday or Saturday evenings at different venues. The fixture secretary will communicate further details in the coming weeks. (Any entries that have been paid and participants are unable to play on the new date will be refunded)

*(QR codes and Track and Trace)

The link below will allow you to make your own QR code for your venue

It is a requirement that all players and spectators must either scan the QR code or leave contact details which need to be retained for 21 days as per guidance issued previously

In the last few days there has been incidents involving the ‘Covid Police’ who have visited clubs in the Yorkshire region and found several breeches of the guidelines, with the clear outcome that clubs and leagues will be shut down if this persists.

For the avoidance of doubt if your venue serves drinks be it alcohol or non alcoholic and or food then this must be table service and the drinks consumed at a table. It is not permitted for these drinks to be consumed around the green. Take-away drinks are permitted and should be in disposable containers.

In one of the instances reported above it was suggested by the ’Covid Police’ that the players own drinks must be consumed at a table, this is not our understanding and we are seeking further guidance on this.

Other helpful links

S N Cochrane Mark Waite YCCGBA


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Martin Holt
Martin Holt
Jun 08, 2021

Taken from todays Examiner report about YCGBA in the comments section:-

If the YCCGBA are so concerned about the Kirklees situation why are they still allowing league bowling? There are 100's playing on a daily basis moving in and out of all the areas despite the ruling bodies view on people fearing Kirlees in particular. I also heard that the Association held a selection meeting last night and out of all the districts available to them Kirklees was the one used. Hypocrisy at its best.


The Police of this country have enough work on their plate under normal times and these times are anything but normal and they need our full support. YCCGBA referring to them as the 'Covid Police' is childish and disrespectful when they are merely trying to protect us all which is not any easy task.

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