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YCCGBA misfiring again

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Bowling News

Despite being on the brand new YCCGBA mailing list I still have to rely on another district to pass on this news from them. I'm not sure what the purpose of the new mailing list is. It certainly isn't working at all yet.

Not sure how this notice fits in with the earlier posting on BCGBA rule changes but it seems to be an assortment of national and county news although that is far from clear. For your amusement, this time I haven't corrected any of the lazy grammar or mis-spelling from the YCCGBA's CEO communication. It gets so tiring being a copywriter for them.

Here we go then, make of it what you can ....

BCGBA AGM 05/03/22 - Notes and Rule Changes

BCGBA are part of the Bowls Development Alliance which covers all codes of bowling.

This helps with funding strategies and development of policies and initiatives including increasing the number of players and help for clubs.

We currently receive £2 for each bowler. Other sports get fair bit more per player.

Work progressing to organise Hubs covering all types of bowling activity being trialled in Wirral will be coming to Yorkshire - 2 development officers from BDA allocated to us.

Will also include a club health checker with suggestions for improvements eg growing volunteers

Accent on Equality Diversion and Inclusion -plus links to community central to any funding bids eg schools, disabled,refugees further information from BCGBA website also the place to find safeguarding policies

Bowls academy in North Lancashire for juniors.

-Big Bowls weekend - last weekend in May - details available 11/03/22 to county secretaries via facebook webpage.

- to register need club no. not county no.

Intended to attract new bowlers.

Bowls listed as a senior persons activity but not a junior activity - need to change this. Note an audience of 22m people last year covered by radio and tv coveage.

Yorks registered 79 new bowlers part of 1,000 overall this year.

Funding -

work is progressing on 3 new fund raising packages for clubs to help raise funds. The first will be rolled out week commencing 14/03/22 -

The second will be linked to the Endsleigh Insurance company parent company Howdens and A Plan insurance

The third will assist in finding local sponsorship.


Rule 3/4 - all leagues and associations affiliated to one or more county shall pay, via the county of their

primary affiliation a fee of £10.

If the league is part of an Association then the association fees would cover this.

Footer - the footer must be placed by the leader within three metres of the entrance to the green on either the left or right side and between one and two meteres from the edge of the green.

The footer must not be moved after the first attempt to set a mark by either the leader or the opponent until the end is concluded

Any dead bowls are reinstated for the new end. Any forfeited bowls are not reinstated for the replayed end.

Page 243 Still jack or bowl 7.5/7.6 conclusion of an end = all bowls have been sent completion of an end = end is agreed.

Measuring Law 8.4

If either the jack or bowk being measured is displaced by a player, that player shall lose the point in question


Hard block-heeled or open toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any game played under the Associations jurisdiction. The offending player shall receive no further score and the opponent shall recieve the maximum score.

Medical dispensation will be allowed if covered by appropriate documentation.

Note YCCGBA is cureently loking to recruit a treasurer and 2-3 development officers - further information from

Steve Cochrane @

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11 mar 2022

BCGBA receive £2 for each bowler !! This is much too much when we get nothing from them. Would be interested to find out they have ever done for our local clubs. What funding is available and how does a club qualify to receive any funding. Answers on the back of a stamp please

Me gusta
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