YCCGBA confirm social bowling 6 max on green

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Steve Cochran the CEO of Yorkshire CCGBA has confirmed in writing that the maximum number of bowlers allowed on the green at any one time for social bowling is 6. The Rule of 6 quoted in the formal guidance for social bowling has a number of interpretations and this has caused some confusion.

That written guidance was in response to a query that Hazel Rangeley raised directly with Steve Cochrane asking how many bowlers could be on a green at the same time and still conform to the Rule of 6, she writes:

I was going around in circles with a variety of answers ranging from 6 to 16. The best advice offered was to contact Steven Cochrane CEO YCCGBA which I did - a speedy reply from Steven stated that the maximum number of players allowed on a green for social bowling is 6 until the 12th of April.

Once you get into competitive bowling then things are much clearer as the guidance clearly identifies the number of jacks and bowlers allowed on the green at the same time. The maximum numbers being 4 Singles matches or 3 Pairs matches.

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