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YCCGBA accounts still not available

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At the February Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire CCGBA the year-end accounts for 2021 were not available and they are still not available. Notice was given to that meeting that the Treasurer, David Stansfield, had resigned without completing the accounts and is not answering calls and messages from the Yorkshire CCGBA Chief Executive.

I asked Steve Cochrane the YCCGBA Chief Executive Officer for an update and he confirmed that the accounts are still not available and that the YCCGBA are still chasing the former Treasurer for outstanding information. He added that he doesn't suspect anything untoward other than the failure to provide any information in line with the duties of the role but he has since taken legal advice and he hopes that the agreed action plan will move things forward.

He also told me that he has just gained access to the YCCGBA's bank accounts and will have to work through them to construct the latest accounts but those do confirm his early assessment that there doesn't appear to be anything underhand. Steve Cochrane indicated that he hoped that the delayed Accounts and Balance Sheet would be completed by the end of this month.

The Yorkshire CCGBA is now in breach of its own Bye-laws which state:

The Accounts of the Association, which shall cover years ending 31st December, shall be audited annually and a copy of these Accounts and Balance Sheet sent to the Secretary of each Club or Organisation in membership, together with a notice of the Annual General Meeting at least 7 days prior to the date agreed upon by the Council.

Therefore the Accounts should have been circulated by 5th February 2022. Ironically it was not too many years ago that the Yorkshire CCGBA was lambasting the BCGBA for failing to produce its annual accounts in line with its own Bye-laws.

The Yorkshire CCGBA is still trying to recruit a new Treasurer.

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