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Winter teams have to 'Measure Up'

Winter League

Teams in the Winter League are to be asked to improve their support when bowlers ask for an end to be measured. The matter was raised at the League's Management Committee meeting last Tuesday when members quoted examples of delays to respond to requests for measures.

With four matches being played simultaneously on the same green it has introduced a different scenario to the traditional two teams on the green structure and this seems to have resulted in everyone looking at everyone else to take on the responsibility for measuring.

The host clubs do provide the long tapes to be used for short mark calls but it is the team's responsibility to use them as well as to provide and use tapes to decide which woods are closer to the jack. It is not considered reasonable to expect the host clubs to assume this task when they have many other more pressing duties on match days.

You have to remember that these matches involve pensioners playing in the middle of winter and any delay standing around waiting for an end to be measured is never welcome at any time especially when it can be really cold.

Any team that thinks they should only be responsible for measuring their own team's calls for measures is not grasping what Winter League bowling is all about. It would be great if the nearest tapes to the call could always respond first to reduce any delays to the match in hand.

Therefore the League is asking all teams to ensure that one of their greenside team carries a tape at all times on match days. This would provide eight measures around the green at all times to ensure the minimum delay to completing the end and moving on. Management Committee members will review the take-up on the request over the rest of the season before considering introducing a rule to improve the situation thereafter.

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