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Winter League season opens at Thorpe Green

Winter League

The Winter League season starts up this week with a full four-match programme at Thorpe Green on Monday. Good luck to all those selecting their teams for the Fantasy Winter League competition as it is a bit of a lottery in this division (and others) with a number of new teams involved. Only four of the teams that played in Division 3 last season will be enjoying the Thorpe Green experience again this year and they may have some early season advantage over the new boys.

Last year Thorpe Green saw the only Monday fixtures played and that will change from next week when Division 4 matches at Lindley Lib will also be played on Mondays. That will probably impact spectator numbers which averaged out with 70 regulars each week at Thorpe Green last year.

The eight teams involved in Division 3 this season and where they were last year are below in alphabetic order:

Almondbury BC A - played in Division 2 last year

Brockholes A - played in this Division last year

Dalton - played in this Division last year

Hudd. Rec. Club A - played in Division 2 last year

Paddock I&C A - new team to the League

Rastrick B - played in this Division last year

Springwood B - played in this Division last year

Thorpe Green B - played in Division 2 last year

The opening day fixtures are: Almondbury BC A v Hudd. Rec. Club A

Dalton v Brockholes A

Paddock I&C A v Springwood B

Rastrick B v Thorpe Green B

All matches start at 11.30am on all greens all season.

Last season the Almondbury BC A v Huddersfield Recreation Club A match was a Division 2 fixture with the Almondbury team coming out on top in both matches. The Recreation Club team finished the season in a relegation place but the Almondbury side were a victim of the reorganisation forced on the League by the introduction of five 8-team divisions. We can therefore expect them to be among the frontrunners this year along with Dalton who missed out on promotion after finishing in third place in the Division last season.

The Thorpe Green B team also drop a level but a rehash of the bowlers in each of the Thorpe Green teams means that last year's form is no real guide as to what may happen this year. That is similar to the Springwood B side with an internal reorganisation of bowlers to teams means that last year's form is of little guidance for the coming season. With Paddock I&C A the solitary new team to the League in this division the relative strength of all the teams may take a few weeks to emerge so good luck with those Fantasy League selections.

The Monday fixture programme provides the only Winter League matches this week as the build-up to a full programme starts. Next week there will be three divisions in action as the two new host greens start up on Monday (Division 4 at Lindley Lib) and then on Thursday (Division 5 at Netherton Con) and we will be providing a full preview of those divisions next week.

There is still time to get your Fantasy Winter League entry in.

Free entry - £70 in prizes - £5 voucher for every entrant - what are you waiting for? We even complete a Lucky Dip entry for you if you want to opt out.

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