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Winter League Fixtures 2022-23

Winter League

The Huddersfield Winter League Fixture Programme for the 2022-23 season is now online and you can now download and print off as many copies as you like of your own Fixture Booklet for each of the 5 Divisions. Print off as many as you like and share them with your teammates. All Free. Scroll down to download your copy of your selected Division Fixture Booklet.

The full fixture programme is now on the Winter League's Bowlsnet pages and this is the League's Bible as regards fixtures and results. Any changes to fixtures are always recorded on our Bowlsnet pages.

The fixtures for each of the 5 Divisions have various start dates which are dictated entirely by green availability. Different clubs have different end-of-summer-season maintenance programmes and only after these have been completed are the greens available for winter use. The start dates for each of our 5 greens are below and all matches have a new 11.30am start time this season.






Wednesday 26 October​



​Wednesday 26 October


​Thorpe Green

Monday 10 October​


​Lindley Lib

Monday 17 October​


​Netherton Con

Thursday 20 October​

Your very own fixture booklets for each of the 5 Divisions of the Winter League can now be downloaded and printed off for your use. Share this link with your teammates so that they all get the details of the new season. Just click on the downward arrow on the right of the file of the Division that you are interested in. Save it then print the 2 pages back-to-back and then fold in half for your very own single-sheet fixture list.

Division 1 Fixture booklet

FixtureBooklet Division1 2022
Download PDF • 94KB

Division 2 Fixture booklet

FixtureBooklet Division2 2022
Download PDF • 339KB

Division 3 Fixture booklet

FixtureBooklet Division3 2022
Download PDF • 334KB

Division 4 Fixture booklet

FixtureBooklet Division4 2022
Download PDF • 330KB

Division 5 Fixture booklet

FixtureBooklet Division5 2022
Download PDF • 335KB

Another large expansion in team numbers with 40 teams signed up for the 2022-23 season up from 27 last year so confirming the growing popularity of bowling during the winter months. Crown green bowling is no longer a sport to be enjoyed for 6 months of the year it is now open all the year around. This year's competition involves 5 divisions with 8 teams in each with new host greens from Lindley Liberal Club and Netherton Conservatives enabling the League to expand even further.

The teams making up the 5 Divisions for the new season are as below.

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