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Winter Cup Springwood results

Winter Cup

The second day of Winter Cup qualifying matches featured all the entries from Division 2 teams playing at their usual home green of Springwood. The day started with 17 bowlers but 5 withdrew for varying valid reason so leaving 12 to fight for the two guaranteed places in Finals Day. Those two places being claimed by Neale Wallace (Denby Dale) and Coiin Hampshaw (Springwood) and they will now join Adrian Cooper and Mike Thornton in the feature day of the competition to be staged at Milnsbridge on Thursday 14 April starting at 1.00pm.

The top two scoring losing Semi-Finalists across the three qualifying days will also join the top six bowlers in Finals Day. Currently in those positions are Graham Hirst (20-21) and Lorraine Hirst (19-21).

The results of the Friday Qualifying Rounds for 16 Division 3 bowlers will be added to the website shortly. On Finals Day handicapping will be introduced with Division 1 qualifiers being off Scratch, Division 2 bowlers will have a plus-2 handicap advantage and Division 3 bowlers will start with a plus-3 handicap.

The full results of the Division 2 (Springwood) Qualifying rounds are listed below.

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