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Winter Cup Round 1 at Thorpe Green tomorrow

Winter Cup

This brand new Knock-Out competition with its unique format resumes tomorrow with 16 entrants from Division 3 teams competing at their normal Thorpe Green green starting at 1.00pm. This will conclude the qualifying rounds and provide us with our 8 qualifiers for Finals Day.

We started with exactly 60 entrants in total with 27 starting off at Milnsbridge on Wednesday and 17 yesterday at Springwood. The top two qualifiers each day will progress through to Finals Day along with the two best losers across all three greens. That will give us eight qualifiers to go through to Finals Day which will be played at Milnsbridge BC on Thursday 14 April starting at 1:00pm.

The Finals Day qualifiers will be handicapped based on which division they played in during the Winter League season. Division 1 qualifiers will all play off Scratch. Division 2 qualifiers will have a plus-2 handicap and those coming from Division 3 teams will all have a plus-4 handicap.

The draw for the Division 3 qualifying rounds is below and features one match between two bowlers from the same team. Peter Fuller and Steve Haigh are team mates in the Division 2 Champions Lindley BC 'B' team and they are both in the top 10 in the Division 3 averages so a keen encounter is anticipated.

The Winter Cup has been donated to the League by Kirkheaton Con bowlers Tony Butterfield and Garry Senior who both competed in the Division 1 Qualifying Rounds at Milnsbridge yesterday. In future years we expect to incorporate the Winter Cup into the winter season programme but we ran out of time this year, hence the April start.

Free entry and free matchday programme for all spectators with hot drinks and refreshments available for all. Winter bowling in April is new to us all so come along for the ride.

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