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Winter Bowling in Huddersfield Part 3



Part 3: The 1980's by Dave Parkin

As the 70’s turned into the 80’s, just like 10 years ago, the local Terriers were fighting for promotion again but this time from the 4th tier to the 3rd. How the mighty had fallen in 10 years but the same couldn’t be said for the Griffin which was still growing but it did now have rivals.


Brighouse had started winter bowling in the late 1970’s and Milnsbridge Liberal joined the Griffin in 1981 with many members enjoying both clubs.

This correspondent remembers visiting snow covered Farnley many times this decade but the Griffin bowled whatever the weather.


The first winner of the 1980’s was Brian MORLEY on a surface that would have suited Robin Cousins & John Curry & took home £30 for his troubles (worth £530 in today’s money) and the last winner in 1989 was Edward HAIGH. The player’s surnames were the same but instead  of John, Stewart & Bernard, it was their son’s Ashley, Mark & Paul who were challenging for wins.

In the last article, I mentioned the race to be the first to win all 3 Majors. It lasted until December, 1981 when Ronnie WORMALD added the ROSEBOWL to his STONES CUP (80) & CHAMP of CHAMPS (78). He was joined by Jack HORSFIELD in 1982 & Ken STRUTT in 1983 who became the first bowler to win all 3 in a calendar year. A worthwhile trip over the Stanedge for the Diggle bowler. All 3 needed the ROSEBOWL to complete the trilogy.


Later in the decade, they were joined by Peter JACKSON & then Brian STARKEY who denied Peter a 4 in a row in 1988. The decade ended in disappointment for founder, Clifford ARMITAGE who couldn’t add the ROSEBOWL to become a remarkable Grand Slam winner.

On the green, especially for the New Kids on the Blocks, things were looking up as we rolled into the 1990’s but off the green, dark clouds were forming that threatened the club.


To be continued ....

Previouly ....

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