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Winter Bowling in Huddersfield Part 1


This is the first of a week of articles compiled by Dave Parkin to be posted on HuddWeb. We will be adding one article a day at 6.00pm over the next 7 days which is primarily about the history of winter bowling in Huddersfield.

Dave Parkin takes up the story ...

Hi all,


Jeff has kindly agreed to publish some articles I’ve written on Winter Bowling in the Huddersfield area but first, a little about myself.


I was born in July 1967 a few months before The Griffin Inn at the foot of Blackmoorfoot Road became what many believe to be the first winter bowling venue.


I now work & reside in Malta but still have family in the Huddersfield area. I was taught to bowl by my grandfather, Norman Mallinson at Farnley Tyas BC where I was a member for 8 years 1985-1993 but I mainly used the club for social reasons & only bowled a couple of club comps.


I have connections to 3 local bowling families, the Mallinsons, Cushing & McLaughlins plus I have a keen interest in all historical bowling issues in the Huddersfield area.


I still have a set of woods that was given to me on my 18th birthday by my grandparents & they have won many games over the years but bowled by my Aunty Julie & not me.


My interests outside of bowling include supporting Huddersfield Town & playing Scrabble for which I have National ranking in Malta.




Part 1: 1967-69 by Dave Parkin


Founding of the Home of Winter Bowling:


It was reported that on Boxing Day, 1967, some bowlers came up with the idea to form a private members club along the lines of the Lancashire Panel and play Handicap events amongst themselves. The venue chosen was the Griffin Inn on the A62, Manchester Road at the bottom of Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. This was originally the home of the Crosland Moor Amateur Bowling Association (formed 1898 ) & they laid a green at their own expense in 1899. It had become unused for a few years by the mid 1960’s.


By late February. 1968, the 3 founding members (Clifford Armitage, Philip Carter & Jack Cuerden) had around 40 other bowlers ready to play & an open day was arranged. By February 1969, 60 players had played at least 1 game on the Griffin.


The first winner of an event at the new club was Derek Ripley & 13 more events followed until mid-June when it was decided to curtail the events to concentrate on other bowling around Yorkshire. By this time, I believe a decision was made to keep this club playing only in the 6 winter months (October to March).

The article above was after the first AGM in 1969 & listed the committee for the upcoming 1969 / 1970 season which also included Leeds Parks player & bowls historian, Ernest Lundy.


The Stones Cup (first played for in 1899) was also resurrected & sponsorship was gained from the brewery that owned the Griffin. This 41-up event was run throughout the Summer & Autumn with the winner being David Jenkinson in November 1968. The 1969 winner was Gordon Cowgill.

As the decade changed from the Swinging Sixties to the 70’s, Stewart Richardson who was later to become President of the Huddersfield & Yorkshire Associations beat founding member, Philip Carter in the last event of 1969 on what was to become a common occurrence, an ice-covered green.



To be continued...




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