Whitewash or not?

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If you were in the position of being 20-0 up would you gift your opponent an end to enable them to avoid being 'nilled'? Have you ever been in that position and what did you do? Have you ever been on the end of a 'nilling' or been gifted a point to avoid a whitewash?

Some see it as an insult to gift an opponent a winning end. Some opponents see it as an insult to receive one as well.

Would your teammates challenge you if you gifted a point away especially if you are in a league that decides league position solely based on aggregate scores?

Some bowlers see it as an unwritten rule of etiquette that you should never humiliate an opponent by 'nilling' them.

Don't think there is a wrong and right answer to this one but interested in how many view such a situation.

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