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White Milnsbridge photos

Winter League

Only two matches were started at Milnsbridge on Wednesday and only one of those got completed due to a heavy frost on the green. The decision to bowl or not was left to individuals and some of those decided that the conditions were too slippery for them to risk bowling and where any bowler had doubts then that took priority. Those decisions have to be respected as everyone's circumstances are different. As one bowler said "I am the sole carer for my wife and if I should slip on the green and injure myself that could jeopardise our very existence."

Only a few photographs to share and although the sun was shining the frost was already too engrained into the green which never really improved during the course of the morning. That didn't prevent a lot of the bowlers staying around to enjoy the sunshine and the hospitality of the host green with their range of hot dishes available and most welcome.

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