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What is a BCGBA Risk Assessment?

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Following each previous lockdown and prior to the reopening of club greens, there has been the requirement for each club to undertake a Risk Assessment. This produces a document that has to be submitted to the Yorkshire CCGBA for approval prior to permission being granted to reopen your green.

A Risk Assessment makes clubs examine and provide counter arrangements for tackling any potential problems in meeting the BCGBA guidance. Clubs have to explain how they will mitigate any identified risks and then implement those countermeasures A Risk Assessment has to be approved by the county association before clubs are permitted to reopen their greens and clubhouses..

Clubs that completed Risk Assessments last summer to reopen their greens for social bowling need to be aware that this will probably not be sufficient to satisfy the latest requirements. The Winter League host clubs had to complete another assessment to meet changed guidance before being allowed to host Winter League matches. The delay in issuing guidance this time around probably means a change in requirements once again so changing the focus of a Risk Assessment but more will be revealed in due course no doubt.

So what is a Risk Assessment?

For example - the BCGBA is expected to offer some guidance detailing which areas need to be accommodated in this checking process. One such guide will inevitably be on Social Distancing which will probably say that bowlers should remain at least one metre apart at all times. You then apply this principle to your club and green. So wherever possible Entrances to buildings should be kept separate to Exits. Similarly different entrances and exits to the green. Where space is short then the Assessment wants to know what steps you are taking to keep people apart and adhering to the one-metre rule. This all has to be documented to gain approval.

Sport England provide some guidance on the principles of this exercise via the Club Matters website and the key elements are included here.

A risk assessment focusses on managing the health and safety of your club or organisation which not only includes the activities you carry out and the equipment you use as a club/organisation but also the activities and equipment you provide to members and visitors. It helps you to assess and control the risk of accidents or injuries to everyone involved in your club/organisation and its members/visitors. Carrying out a risk assessment is necessary in order to comply with Health and Safety law and is usually a requirement of insurance providers and National Governing Bodies.

There is more information about Risk Assessments contained within the document below which details the requirements of a 6-Step process but you really need that BCGBA guidance before you can complete, or even start, the exercise.

Club Matters - Creating a Risk Assessmen
Download • 1.13MB

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