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Wednesday & Thursday fixtures rearranged

Winter League

  • Frozen greens at the two Thursday venues means that all Thursday matches are postponed this week.

  • The Thursday fixtures (18th) at Netherton Con and Huddersfield RUFC are all postponed and new dates given for all. Full details below.

  • Some Wednesday (17th) fixtures were postponed or not completed at Milnsbridge BC and have been rearranged for two days next week. Full details below.

  • The Wednesday (17th)fixtures at Springwood were completed on schedule.

THURSDAY FIXTURES All the Thursday fixtures are postponed with new dates arranged for both venues. The forecast for Friday is much improved and the Division 5 fixtures at Netherton Con have been put back 24 hours and will now be played (weather willing) at 11.30am on Friday this week. That is Friday 19 January.

Similarly, all the Thursday fixtures at Huddersfield RUFC are off and all have been rearranged for Tuesday 22 January with the usual 11.30am start time.


Although the host club had deemed the Milnsbridge green playable some of the Division 1 teams assembling were not comfortable with taking on the frozen green. It was left to each individual bowler if they wanted to bowl or not which saw two singles games completed in the Kirkheaton Con A v Lindley BC A match and the Thorpe Green A v Clayton West fully completed.

That left the Meltham v Lowerhouses A and the Lower Hopton v New Mill A fixtures which were completely wiped out. All three uncompleted matches have been rearranged for next week as below.

Monday 22 January 12.00pm start Meltham v Lowerhouses A (full match to be played) Wednesday 24 January 10.00am start (4 jacks on the green) Kirkheaton Con A v Lindley BC A (one outstanding pairs match to be played)

Lower Hopton v New Mill A (full match to be played)

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