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VJ Day at Thongsbridge BC

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Thongsbridge BC: August 1945 VJ Day

Once again I am indebted to Richard Armitage as he shuffles through his attic to come up with yet another old photograph from the local bowling scene. This one is of his beloved Thongsbridge club as members celebrate VJ Day in August 1945 with a bowling competition. The soda syphon on the floor at the front is probably the winner's prize, they really know how to push the boat out at Thongsbridge. They obviously had something really special to celebrate with the surrender of Japan (VJ Victory over Japan) which effectively ended WWII and what better way to do that than holding a bowling competition.

Excellent photo, great memories for many and Richard recalls some of his....

The only person I can name on the photo is the gentleman in the light grey suit who was my father’s Uncle Jim, Jim Ellis. He was the caretaker of the Drill Hall and many in the area will remember him as it was the local dance hall post-war. It was recently demolished to make way for the new Aldi supermarket. No dress code in those days, but all smart! Uncle Jim’s daughter is still alive and his grandson is a very occasional bowler at Thongsbridge. It was great for my brother and myself as we had sleepovers there and could play on the tanks. I remember huge conkers on the chestnut trees lining the river bank.

Thanks Richard, great stuff. If anyone would like to add any memories and/or photos to our collection then please get in touch, Contact Us

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